Justin Pittenger is a digital artist and IT operations specialist, having graduated with Honors from Washington State University in 2023 with a degree in Digital Technology and Culture. Passionate about tech from a young age, Pittenger seeks to use their expertise in various digital workspaces and eye for ominous photography to produce works that hopefully inspire in the way they were by the digital artwork of others.

Pittenger is also familiar with the Agile process of software development and IT operations, having participated in the culture first at Costco IT before employing it as a Product Owner during their final semester in college, leading others in producing promotional content and a full website rebuild for the Terry Buffington Foundation.

Justin is currently pursuing their SAFe POPM 6.0 certification, to be completed in December 2023, with hopes of building a career in the tech industry.

For business inquiries, opportunities, or feedback, Justin Pittenger can be reached at:

– justinpittenger@outlook.com

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